What is an SAP User License Audit?

SAP User License Audit

As many of you have seen, all of a sudden you get an email from itelligence or SAP that is requesting an audit. What is this audit? The SAP User License Audit is a yearly process that all customers are contractually obligated to perform for SAP. This process lists the number of users actively using the system and compares those results to the number of licenses the customer has purchased.

As with any yearly task comes extra work. Because this work is not often kept up during the course of a year, it becomes a much larger project. There are many tasks involved, including cleaning up the system to remove users that are no longer with the company, duplicate users, the John Smith’s versus the J Smith’s, and, of course, making sure that the test users are not in the production box. On top of all of that, hopefully a documented process exists outlining the users in the system and their roles.

User License Classifications

Attached to those users are the classifications, which really are the focal point that many administrators don’t understand. How do I classify my users to fit the SAP classifications? Well, from a legal aspect, we can’t tell you who should be specifically classified as what, but we can help with the classification descriptions and how they fit your company.

Many times, you as the administrator of the system will need to work with the managers of those resources to determine what they really need from a license perspective. Someone on the shop floor may only need a view of the documents; where as someone in an administrative role will need the professional user license to make changes to those documents. This is where itelligence can help you with understanding those classifications.

Valuable Tips and Tricks

There are little tips and tricks we can show you along the way, like making sure the user ID is the same in each system. Why is this so important? When the audit is completed, there is a step where a user consolidation will combine the users with the same name, this alone will save you money on licenses. We often see this when systems are older and have gone through multiple upgrades and changes.

Some of the most common audit questions we receive include:

  • How many times can I run my audit?
  • What if we turn it in to SAP and we find out its not correct?
  • What if I just don’t have time to do the audit?
  • I am in an upgrade for the next three months, do I have to do it now?
  • I’m short staffed and we don’t understand how to run these audits.

We Can Help!

itelligence is one of the largest global SAP software resellers. We are experienced in SAP user license audits and can provide you with useful tips and tricks that apply specifically to your situation to eliminate the frustration and questions of your license audit. Contact us today to request more information and take the headache out of your next SAP User License Audit.

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