The Food Safety Modernization Act and Increased Need for Track and Trace, Part Five

As we’ve seen in our last several posts, the food-processing industry is witnessing rapid changes to its ecosystem. There is an increased global interdependence in sourcing of commodities, and consumer bases now stretch across the world. These consumers are demanding safe, hygienic food in an intense on-demand / around-the-clock environment.

There is also growing significance to food-safety and foodborne hazard prevention. To meet the challenges of the demanding business environment, the food processing industry is witnessing the emergence of roles like ‘Chief Safety Officer’’ or ‘’Chief Hygiene Officer,’’ comparable to the roles like Chief Technology Officer or Chief Executive Officer. These new roles have emerged to build food-safety accountability and meet requirements of the FDA/USDA/HACCP—and most recently, the Food Safety Modernization Act.

We also see food processors rapidly adopting solutions like ERP, MES, RFID, barcode and EDI to manage supply-chain operations. With the adoption of this technology, there is a significant growth in volumes of available information, often resulting in information overload. The CSO has the responsibility of not only regulatory compliance but also food safety. Having the right information at the right time is imperative to respond to the compliance requirements, while also taking proactive measures to mitigate the risks around food safety.

The emergence of a paradigm built around a FSAD (Food safety analytics dashboard) would support the informational and documentation needs for the Chief Safety Officer for the following requirements:

  • HACCP/FDA compliance
  • Preparedness for FDA inspection
  • Raid response in the event of product recall
  • Track and trace
  • Alerts, reporting and analytics to CXO level around food safety
  • Single source of information across the supply chain

SAP Business Objects is the SAP’s reporting and analytics tool and has the capability of providing the required information in the desired format on demand by accessing the data from multiple sources in multiple formats. SAP Business Objects provides the capability of building a dashboard to meet the information needs of the Chief Safety Officer.

As an SAP Gold Partner and leading provider of SAP solutions to the midmarket, itelligence enjoys a unique position as food-safety track-and-trace becomes more and more prominent. We already offer the it.CPG solution, which supports food-safety tracking programs, and we constantly anticipate innovations in enterprise software solutions, like FSAD.

This post wraps up our series on track-and-trace in relation to the Food Safety Modernization Act. For more information on our it.CPG solution, click here.

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