The Food Safety Modernization Act and Increased Need for Track and Trace, Part Two

The last post in our series on the Food Safety Modernization Act examined reasons why we need a safer food supply chain, and how track-and-trace technology can help. Now let’s look at how we at itelligence assist CPG companies with track-and-trace software capabilities, via our it.CPG ERP solution from SAP.

To manage the complexity of the food value chain, CPG companies are embracing computer-based technologies like enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. The integrated nature of ERP CPG software from SAP enables food processors to manage various business operations such as the following:

  • Sourcing
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing-operations planning
  • Quality management
  • Asset management
  • Financial operations

SAP also provides functionality to address the issue of traceability. It does this by integrating supply-chain management activities like lot genealogy, recall management and HACCP.

Implementing an ERP solution like it.CPG helps food processors respond to recall incidents with far greater speed as compared to manual systems—but it.CPG also helps companies avoid recalls in the first place by optimizing food-processing activities, as depicted in the following diagrams:

it.CPG and Procurement









it.CPG and Manufacturing







it.CPG in Sales-Order Management and Logistics Execution








As you can see, it.CPG provides the comprehensive domain knowledge and specialized expertise to meet all requirements for the food-processing industry.

This ERP CPG solution has the functionality to support food safety and quality throughout the supply chain, from procurement of raw materials to point of sales.

For more information on it.CPG, click here.

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