BI Blog Series – Part 1: Methodology

This is the first in a five-part blog series that will provide an overview of itelligence’s approach to Business Intelligence and the four transitional stages of BI maturity.

More often than not, companies have a business intelligence reporting solution but don’t fully utilize the solution to its full capabilities. This wastes money in terms of both the investment and the opportunities lost to capitalize on the maximum data potential. At itelligence, we have shifted from a training strategy to a “health” assessment strategy in order to help our customers realize the full value of the solutions they aren’t using. By asking important questions about what each company is doing right and what needs to be done differently, we are able to show our customers why the software originally purchased is useful and how it can be utilized to its full extent.

itelligence has two primary differentiators – ability and agility. Ability refers to itelligence as one of the only full integrators providing end-to-end  SAP portfolio support, along with front-end, data architects. Agility refers to itelligence’s unique methodology.  Rather than implementing a solution and showing a customer the final product, itelligence works closely with not only the IT team, but the business team as well, to show the progress of a solution implementation as it happens.  The benefit of this approach is that it allows users to understand how the system should work and understand immediately if it is meeting the needs of the organization.  itelligence has come to understand that if no one is asking for changes, chances are they aren’t using the solution correctly or at all.

BI solutions, when implemented and used correctly, should leave customers with a constant “what if” question. Once one issue is resolved, customers will likely have six more questions to be answered. itelligence works closely with each customer to keep questions answered and continuously evaluate the solution to ensure it’s being used to its full potential, even in changing environments. The benefit of working with itelligence is our industry expertise. With five global certifications in the SAP portfolio, itelligence can help companies across a wide range of industries with multiple solutions.

Stay tuned for the part two of our BI Blog Series where we will talk about the first stage of BI, new customers.

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