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As a longtime SAP partner, at itelligence we know the value of teamwork and understand it takes the right combination of people and expertise to drive results. Just as we bring insight and experience to the table when we join SAP on a project, we realize our team is at the core of our value.

The same respect we hold for the partnership model is echoed throughout itelligence, from our leadership to the consultants who partner with our customers. After more than 25 years working with SAP, it’s safe to say the ethos of partnership has been integral to our success on more than one level:

  1. True Teamwork: While many companies boast a team spirit, the nature of our business makes it an undeniable truth. As we work with customers, implementation teams, and partners, every success is a true team effort.


  1. Industry Leadership: With SAP at the center of our business landscape, we hold this partnership close to our hearts. As a recognized leader, itelligence offers its team more opportunities to work with the latest advancements like SAP HANA, and in the process, to lead themselves.


  1. A Stake in The Game: In a true partnership, everyone does their fair share. At itelligence we embrace the autonomy this enables, whether we’re managing a line of business or leading an implementation, our team is not held back by red tape – they’re empowered to make decisions and drive results.


  1. Global Network: As part of NTT Data, itelligence helps make up one of the world’s largest ICT service providers, with 7,000 SAP consultants and specialists in its ranks. From this standpoint, we are able to partner with a global innovator and counsel industry-leading enterprises while maintaining our stance as dedicated SAP experts.


  1. Consistent Collaboration: With a hand in so many projects and implementations across the globe, itelligence has a true pulse on the technology business climate – and we make the most of it. Across 23 countries, leadership and lines of business constantly share information and insight to provide the greatest possible value to our customers.

We’re a business built on partnership, dedicated to helping our customers and making the most of SAP solutions. When playing a team sport, it’s only natural to work hard and fight to win.

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