SAPPHIRE NOW Hosting Presentation

Steve Short presented this afternoon at SAPPHIRE, and I wanted to share some of the insight from that presentation.

Steve challenged attendees to start with the end in mind. If you are just starting your SAP journey, you’ll have many decisions to make and a Hosting Partner is a small piece of the puzzle. Those in the middle or already live, you know this path and may just need to learn more about how Hosting better fits into your overall business strategy.

As a trusted partner, our itelligence Outsourcing team will help you focus on the continuous change and ongoing support needed to operate at the highest efficiency rate. Steve believes it is relevant in deciding to host or not; what to outsource and what to hold tight to your breast for your competitive advantage.

Hence he encourages customers to keep the end game in focus when making some of these decisions.

Key Takeaways:
• Focus on your core business
• Rely on experts to manage or assist
• Keep a trusted partner understanding your environment
• Flexibility and options to leverage all parties strengths

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