CASE STUDY: Morgan Foods deploys successful database archiving solution

The Back Story

Morgan Foods, one of the nation’s largest privately owned food processing companies serving major retailers in the United States, employed the mySAP All-in-One solution since 1999 to manage the rapidly changing demands of its private-label food customers. However, as processing volumes increased, Morgan Foods realized it was time to optimize its back-end with additional infrastructure that could streamline data archiving, access and analysis.

Morgan Foods began a search for a solution to alleviate its pain point—data management in the procession and production order departments as well as the finance, sales and planning departments. After researching a number of partners, Morgan Foods enlisted itelligence to provide archiving solution services, and with a database that was 440GB and growing at a rate of approximately 25-30 GB per year, itelligence had its work cut out.

To learn more about Morgan Foods and itelligence’s successful collaboration as well as the results from this partnership, please take a look at the full case study here.

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