Friday News Roundup February 7, 2014

Happy Friday! We are excited to launch a new Friday blog series that will features a quick roundup of some trending topics each week. Some weeks, we will select a single topic, like mobility, and share a few relevant, interesting and /or exciting stories around said topic, while other weeks we will share a stories that cover a diverse range of topics that we think are especially compelling.

For our first post in the series, we wanted to share some recent coverage on big data. It’s a topic we’ve heard a lot about over that last couple of years, and it’s not going anywhere. “Big data” has evolved from insider lingo to a mainstay in our mainstream cultural lexicon with conversations spotlighting the power of big data, how to harness it, and what to do next – questions answered by many itelligence solutions, may we add.

Check out some of the top “big data” stories from this past week below including one from The Wall Street Journal that features a quote from SAP on the importance of big data in more surprising fields, like HR, for example.

Christopher Mims explores the advantages of ensuring you / your organization gather[s] data, and the right kind of data. He gets technical exploring the concept of dense vs. sparse data, but he does an excellent job of explaining these ideas and the article is easy to follow.

This article by Larry Barrett takes a look at how big data can empower large organizations to better arm themselves against security breaches and other cyber threats, an especially relevant piece given all the recent corporate data breaches.

In the CIO Journal, James Willhite outlines how organizations can benefit from jumping on the big data train, even sectors that assume that big data use is outside their scope, like HR, for instance.



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