Importance of Project Preparation Activities

In SAP projects, itelligence has always promoted the importance of the pre-project activities. Over the years we have advised our customers on what activities need to be addressed in this critical phase. Our experience puts a very high emphasis on focusing on pre-project activities for a successful project, getting it started on the right foot is very critical.

It is important to note that our SAP projects do not start when the consultants show up for the project. There are number of activities the customer and itelligence project manager can start and complete.  This will ensure that when consulting team shows up, their time is utilized very effectively from day one.

For Example:

–  All the project management planning activities (like Project Charter, Project Plan, Budget Plan, Issues Management Plan, Scope Management Plan and Team Organization).

–  Data migration activities – we provide data load templates and educate clients on what to extract so that we can go ahead and load sample data in the SAP system as early as possible.

–  Installation of the development environment with an it.solution and making sure all the systems are go.

–  Start activities that require long lead times in technical development area like EDI, RF.

–  Workshops on global topics like organization structure.

All of the above can be achieved with part-time consulting support and tremendous value can be driven with a low cost approach.  So, when you start your next SAP project, keep the above topics in mind in order to increase your success rate.

We look forward to working with you on this and other ideas about how to be very effective in implementing SAP with itelligence as your trusted partner.
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