Midmarket Companies Should Raise Standards for Selecting an AMS Partner

Selecting products and services that are tailored to unique business needs should be a requirement for midmarket companies’ purchasing decisions. This is especially true today for SAP customers looking for Application Management Services (AMS) to help support their business-critical investments in BPC, GRC, APO, BI and many other software packages. Because of itelligence’s full-time dedication to serving midmarket companies’ SAP needs, we thrive on keeping a constant focus on these needs.

In my experience — which includes a variety of senior in-house IT management roles across multiple industries — decision-makers typically gain confidence and additional peace-of-mind when they know the IT partner they are choosing has faced and has successfully navigated their same challenges. In the case of AMS decisions, this means selecting a partner that not only promises to provide the attention, experienced resources and the personal touch required, but one that also has a history of delivering proven, best-practice learnings with real-world customer examples and success stories.

However, partner requirements don’t need to end there, nor should they. At itelligence, we believe in extending the value proposition for AMS and other support needs in many ways. Decision-makers should keep these three requirements in mind before selecting AMS support to ensure their partner:

1. Offers designated, knowledgeable consultants who are experienced project managers and dedicated to the project from start to finish

itelligence project leaders typically run national practices and have extensive experience coordinating with combined local/global teams to ensure the right resources are in place. We are dedicated to ensuring customers benefit from smart recommendations rooted in achieving successful project strategy and strategic investment roadmap goals not just in the current year, but 3-5 years out.

2. Understands that companies need support but can’t afford all SAP resources

We figure out the SAP solution(s) that best matches a customer’s short- and long-term needs and recommend the optimal time to make an investment. We also take a budget-conscious approach by offering blended rates and flexible support allocation to ensure customers can achieve predictable and transparent budgeting objectives.

3. Provides value-added services that make a tangible impact on business efficiencies

itelligence offers a methodology and conference room pilot that enables us to point out where a customer has unique needs and then recommend only those blueprint and localization changes that are necessary. We also help customers refine pre-Go Live implementations through testing cycles and other enhancements that ultimately bring incidents down to increase time IT personnel can spend on priority projects.

Customers tell us that it’s amazing to see the difference that each of these requirements makes on its own. However, decision-makers can, and should, require all three as part of their right to fully benefitting from the AMS support they deserve and need to meet current and future business operations and growth objectives.

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