SAP Development Projects: Quality Control (Part – I)

Almost all SAP implementation projects done by a SAP consulting company include RICEF development in the project scope. RICEF development always includes custom ABAP program development.

We use ABAP language to develop reports, interface, conversion program, custom transactions, forms and workflow. Since each RICEF object is developed from scratch, it is imperative that each developer, technical lead and technical project manager are aware of what it takes take to develop a robust and maintainable ABAP programs. The quality of RICEF has a significant impact on the project budget and timeline. Poor RICEF code quality can result in big warranty claims by the client and loss of the consulting company.

So, let us talk about what does quality of SAP development means in context of a SAP implementation project. Quality control is tightly integrated with the SAP project development process.

So, the first step to ensure quality in a SAP project is to make sure that each stakeholder has a good understanding of what is the development process.

A development process in an SAP project consists of a series of steps  and identifies owners for each step. The main steps development processes are:  gathering business requirement, developing functional specification/design, developing technical specification/design, development,  unit (functional) testing and integration testing. Client business process owner/BA, functional consultant, technical lead, technical manager and developer own one or multiple steps of the development process. So, first we need to make sure that these stake holders have very good understanding of the development process.

Following are the roles each stake holder will play to help delivery good quality SAP development project:

Project stakeholder What role they can play
Client business process owner(BPO) Keep the business process simple, implement best practices and try minimizing customization and development.


Functional consultant Help client understand SAP best practices; try to challenge requirements for custom development, Develop detail functional specification and design. Provide all test scenarios and unit test data.


Technical lead/project manager Develop technical design using best practices. Encourage the development team to adopt QA checks as part of the development and testing, performs random QA checks of development objects. Encourage peer code reviews.


Developer Adhere to project development standards. Use development quality checklist as a guideline during development. Use SAP quality tools e.g. code inspector, DB trace to check the program code quality before handing over the program for functional testing. Ask a peer to review his/her program code. Adopt SAP best practices for developing a robust and maintainable program

To be continued….

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