Employee Spotlight: Alex Joseph

Tell us about your role at itelligence.

I am the director of the SAP GRC practice at itelligence and responsible for the P&L.  In this role, I am responsible for the creation of the go to market strategies, leading the solutioning and sales processes associated with SAP Security and GRC projects from pre-sales to project launch, and managing the delivery aspects of on-going projects.

When did your itelligence career begin?

I joined itelligence in January 2001 and then left in 2009 for Accenture. I returned to itelligence less than a year later because I missed the company and itelligence’s entrepreneurial spirit. I also missed the freedom to go out and explore new and innovative technologies and bring them to market. itelligence really allows me more opportunity, autonomy and an entrepreneurial edge.

Tell us three things most people don’t know about you.

  1. I’ve played the drums for a long time. In fact, I was the drummer for itelligence’s band “Underpaid” until we stopped performing a few years back.
  2. Photography is a hobby of mine. My camera of choice is the Nikon D90.
  3. I’m currently teaching myself to play the guitar. So far I can play “Freefalling” by Tom Petty.

If you weren’t in your current role/career, where would you be?

If I hadn’t pursued my current role, I would have done something in the financial market, probably a stock broker working on Wall Street. Today I am still an active trader and investor with an MBA in finance. I actually had two competing job offers when I was joining itelligence – and the other was in the financial arena.

What do you see as the biggest trends in your particular area of business in 2014?

  1. The move toward towards applications, like Fraud Management, that run natively on SAP HANA. The new GRC trends are pointing toward applications on HANA capable of performing complex analytics that will drive better forensics and risk management.
  2. The second trend is the use of GRC applications in the cloud. We were one of the first SAP partners to have a cloud offering for GRC Access Control. We’ll start to see people pay for GRC as service rather than on-premise.

Can you please share a best practice or personal insight you’ve gained from your job experience that you think would be beneficial to helping your colleagues?

Broadly speaking, what I have learned after so many years of working in the business world is the importance of accomplishing one thing a day regardless the size of that accomplishment. If you don’t accomplish something in a day, or have that sense of accomplishment, your motivation drops as times goes by. Having that positive feeling is the best way to move forward.

Make sure to swing by and see Alex at the itelligence booth (#1100) at Financials 2014 (March 18-21).


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