Friday News Round Up: Are you Unplugging?

From sundown tonight (March 7) to sundown tomorrow (March 8), people around the U.S. are taking  a step back to “unplug.” For 24 hours, people are encouraged to connect with others without technology, step outside and look away from the screens that are part of our everyday lives, and take part in National Day of Unplugging.

In a business like ours that is focused on technology and all of the added benefits it brings to our daily life, unplugging is easier said than done.  Studies have shown that employees don’t meet the recommended guidelines for physical activity because too much time is spent at a desk and in front of a computer.

Take a look at the articles from this week to see how and why people around the nation are unplugging.

Can you do it? Now that you’re finished reading this blog, shut down, unplug and report back on Monday to tell us how your 24 hours unplugged went!

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