Core HCM in the Cloud: Exploring Employee Central’s Global Benefits and Time Functionality

SAP has extended its Core HCM Cloud Solution Employee Central’s capabilities to include Global Benefits, Global Assignments and Time functionality, providing organizations with more insight into their workforce while improving HR service delivery. In this blog, we’ll look at the latest time features within Employee Central.

Employee Central has been continuously improved, and the Time Off module and its capabilities expanded in order to help organizations manage their employees’ time data. While not yet a full time management solution, current functionality includes:


Manager/HR Admin

Time Off RequestView/Cancel Time Off RequestView Team CalendarInput Weekly Time Worked View/Approve/Reject Time Off RequestsView/Approve/Reject Time Sheet Requests


Along with Time Off reporting, there is now the provision for Positive Time reporting including overtime calculation:The use of Business Rules in Employee Central allows for greater flexibility while staying within the standard framework. This could include the need for multiple work schedules and holiday calendars that can be set up differently based on the employee and the employee’s native country, if the solution is used globally.

  1. The first component that has been widely used to-date is the Time Off functionality which can track Vacations, Leave of Absence, Floating Holidays, Sick Leave and other types of time off based on an organization’s requirements. The system can be set up numerous ways to account for how an entity wants to accrue Time Off and also scenarios like “use it or lose it.” The functionality also includes provisions for New Hires, Terminations and Workflows.

Here’s a snapshot of Time Off reporting:

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  1. The second component that was first released in Q4 of 2014 is the Time Sheet functionality. This allows for employees to record their time on a daily basis and submit on a weekly basis for approval. Once submitted, Time is run through a Time Valuation step to compute overtime based on the entity’s rules. Once the Time sheet functionality process is complete the information can be exported to a payroll system for processing.
  2. Time Off must first be configured before the Time Sheet functionality is implemented, as the Time Sheet functionality includes the use of the Time Off values to compute time worked for the week. The Time Profile, Holiday Calendar and Work Schedule must already be assigned to each employee within the Time Off configuration. In addition, for Time Sheet functionality, the Time Recording Profile needs to be configured and populated for the employees.

Global Benefits and Global Assignments features in Employee Central will also allow global companies to manage employees’ needs and intercompany transfers across borders seamlessly, without the need for separate systems in each country.

With these latest enhancements, Employee Central offers a more comprehensive Core HCM Cloud solution. That allows for one central, global automated system to be setup with consolidated data and standard processes, the latter adapted both in reporting and language needs, based on the organization’s localization requirements.

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