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HR technology, HR digital transformation, HR benchmarking

Is your HR technology falling behind your competitors? Are your processes in line with your industry peers? Is your organization keeping up with the HR digital transformation? We can help!

We at itelligence would like to announce the launch of our 2017 HR technology survey: itelligence insights. If you have ever wondered if your competitors or industry peers have difficulty keeping up with technology trends in human resource departments, you can use this survey as a benchmark to see where your organization stands.

The Benefits

Benefits of participating in the survey include your ability to:

  • Uncover trends in the market on HR technology
  • Use it as a conversation starter to roadmap your organization’s HR planning and processes
  • Compare technologies by HR process with other organizations globally
  • Gain ideas for getting the full value out of your current HR technology

Each quarter we will survey a new global audience including Executive HR, HR Management and Super Users, and HRIS/IT Professionals who support your business’ HR functions. We will compile the survey results and publish an Executive Brief for each global audience. By participating in the survey, you will receive a FREE copy of the results (a $495 value!), keeping you updated on the latest trends in HR technology.

The Survey

Here is an example of questions from the Executive HR survey:

  • What is your main driver for HR technology adoption?
  • What are the top 3 areas you see the most room for improvement in your organization’s HR technology?
  • As a HR professional, what is the most important challenge that you are currently trying to solve?
  • What business processes in your HR organization are a priority to improve?

What makes our survey unique? We are in 23 countries globally and have a unique understanding of the digital transformation currently happening in HR technology. We’ll dive deep into not just what’s happening, but why and how. You can use this data as a benchmark for where you are and help you build a business case for implementing and upgrading your HR technology solutions and roadmap for success. Are you an innovator, or a technology laggard? You won’t know until you complete the survey. Take our survey now to find out where you stand!

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