Modernizing SAP HCM: What is Fiori for SAP ERP HCM 1.0?

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This is the first in a series of blogs on how to modernize your SAP HCM environment.  This installment discusses the Fiori User Experience and the Fiori for SAP ERP HCM 1.0 add-on.

SAP has developed the Fiori User Experience (UX) that provides a refreshed look for all SAP software. It applies modern design for an enhanced UX and delivers a personalized, responsive and simple experience across all devices and deployment options.

In addition to a stunning UX, Fiori provides mobile apps that offer a simplified approach to ECC functionality that was previously only available via desktop and standard SAP screens through responsive web design. This is a win for existing SAP customers who have made a significant investment in on-premise systems and who are not yet ready to migrate to cloud. By enabling Fiori, they are essentially gaining the best of both worlds–a solid on-premise solution that works, combined with the UI/UX and mobility of today’s cloud applications.

Many organizations have already embraced this technology across their entire organization for all lines of business, but others may not believe they are ready for the full suite of Fiori apps. For example, perhaps an HR department has an initiative to enhance the employee experience by deploying mobile apps that would allow for the submission of Time and approval of Time Off requests from any device (and any location) in order to simplify processes. Fortunately, this initiative could be executed by deploying an add-on called “SAP Fiori for SAP ERP HCM 1.0.”

So, what’s delivered in SAP Fiori for SAP ERP HCM 1.0? The screen shot below* shows what the SAP homepage would look like with standard delivered functionality in Fiori Wave 7. The following apps are included:


  • My Leave Requests
  • My Timesheet
  • My Benefits
  • My Paystubs
  • My Team Calendar
  • Employee Lookup
  • People Profile


  • Approve Leave Request
  • Approve Timesheets

The color scheme can be adjusted according to corporate branding guidelines and tiles can be added/removed based on what is deployed.

Desktop view




* What’s New with HCM Fiori, Gertrud Beisel, HCM Product Management, March 2015

iPad view



iPhone View

iphone 2


There are various options during the install that can be utilized based on each entity’s underlying system setup. For example, if SAP NetWeaver Gateway is being set up as a central hub or an embedded hub, it would allow customers a variety of different system configurations, including the ability to make use of the Fiori add-on for HR. Fiori is also designed to work with HR Renewal, another modernization option that SAP has developed for customers who are looking to further enhance productivity and efficiency with role-based HR capabilities. (Stay tuned for our HR Renewal blog within this series.)

Fiori brings the SAP UX to the level that employees have come to expect from their everyday use of technology, and it reflects the way they actually want to work throughout the day. The underlying theme with all of SAP’s modernization options is to help organizations provide one unified user experience across the entire landscape—from on-premise, to mobile, to cloud—despite the access point (e.g., desktop, tablet, mobile phone). The modernization approach aims to provide organizations with an opportunity to improve user satisfaction, enable quicker approvals, and promote better business decisions, all while leveraging their current on-premise investment. With an implementation that can take less than 12 weeks, organizations have the ability to quickly and easily drive enhanced business processes and adaptation with a low Total Cost of Ownership.

For more information on how to deploy modernization tools like Fiori, HR Renewal and Payroll Control Center, please contact us.

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