The New Transformation of Consumer Products Enterprises: Part 2

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In Part One of this blog we focused on SAP HANA as a solution to real-time data challenges. Now we explore the use of the solution in the context of three different scenarios:

SAP HANA Context # 1: Office of the CFO

The impact of SAP HANA is realized in this environment through real-time data from the transaction to Profit & Loss statements, Balance Sheet, Managerial Accounting and Reporting immediately, with zero latency. CFOs can experience real-time decision support. Profitability analysis lies at the intersection of product, product group and customer and customer group, or any other meaningful intersection of data one can imagine. In addition, analytics are no longer dependent on an Extract Transform and Load process, but embedded in the application for real-time visualization and analysis, and decisions to Run the Business Better.

SAP HANA Context # 2: Chief Marketing Officer

The impact of SAP HANA is realized in this environment through real-time analysis of marketing spend and the resulting impacts in brand equity. CMOs can convert the latest promotion plan into a fully connected, real-time execution plan that cascades seamlessly from high-level planning processes through the key account plans and into specific trade spend plans. Additional spend tracking and related lift expectations are shared across the enterprise, including demand planning, to feed accurate information across the aisle with supply chain execution roles, in real time.

SAP HANA Context # 3: Chief Supply Chain Officer

The impact of SAP HANA is realized in this environment through real-time Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) executions with no batch process and alerts buyers and production planners to the need for product by a specific date in real time. CSCOs can achieve simplification of all planning; demand sensing and demand planning, production planning and scheduling happens in real-time, finite, constraint based planning now embedded in a single planning process.

Quality management processes generate huge volumes of data in any fast-moving production environment, but now that data is interpreted for any impact on Food Safety and gets communicated across all roles to optimize the customer experience and maintain brand equity, serving all roles across the organization.


There are many moving parts in this transformation of solutions at SAP. Experienced SAP customers can take on all the value driving technology already mentioned, but they can also deliver Fiori-styled applications that deliver all of the power of SAP business applications via a much better user interface. Often, Fiori applications are initiated through an embedded analytical, contextually relevant view of data. So, the concept of users becoming business question driven is here, versus the transaction compliant behaviors of the past.

Are you interested in transforming your use of SAP Enterprise Software toward exceeding your company goals? Contact itelligence today to arrange a review of “all things new” in the SAP solution stable and take some early steps toward this transformation.

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