Integrated Headcount Planning Powered by SAP Analytics Cloud is now a SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution

Integrating your finance and human resources leads to better headcount planning and human resources analytics

itelligence is happy to announce our Integrated Headcount Planning solution is now an SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution.  The SAP-qualified partner-packaged solution means that itelligence has an integrated solution leveraging SAP market leading software and innovations, together with our services and knowledge, in order to deliver rapid time to value, low risk, and high predictability projects at low price points. Our latest SAP-qualified partner-packaged solution features Integrated Headcount Planning using SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP SuccessFactors.

What is SAP Analytics Cloud?

SAP Analytics Cloud was developed to help facilitate end-to-end decision making for the business. By enabling your organization to use data and analytics, SAP Analytics Cloud supports sound decision-making – from the boardroom to the shop floor. The tool is designed so users can discover, analyze, plan and predict all in one tool. Users can access all data and embed analytics directly into business processes to turn instant insight into quick action. The main components of SAP Analytics Cloud are business intelligence, planning and predictive.

What is SuccessFactors?

It’s easy to take advantage of extensive self-service business intelligence capabilities, embedded Big Data analytics features, ad-hoc reporting, and what-if analysis – all built into the SAP Analytics Cloud application. With real-time BI tools, SAP Analytics Cloud lets users access, prepare and blend data directly from their web browser. The built-in reporting capabilities and dashboards allow users to filter and drill into Big Data, easily create data visualizations and stories, and more.

Why Combine Analytics and Human Resources?

For many companies today, headcount planning and financial forecasting are two independent processes managed and facilitated by Human Resources and Finance. The processes are not synchronized and do not allow visibility to see the effect of how changes in headcount may drive financial results, or how financial results may impact headcount. By combining the workflow and position management of SuccessFactors and the planning and analytics platform of SAP Analytics Cloud, Integrated Headcount Planning provides a transparent link between these two processes.

SuccessFactors provides a revolutionary, cloud-based Core HR platform to manage your organization, utilizing SuccessFactors Employee Central and Position Management functionality as the foundation for Integrated Headcount Planning. SAP Analytics Cloud seamlessly integrates with SuccessFactors data to provide an innovative, cloud-based analytics platform for HR reporting. Leveraging SAP Analytics Cloud allows HR reporting to be incorporated with your company’s Operational and Financial analytics.  This dramatically reduces the time required to evaluate workforce trends and their impact on the organization, since the entire organizations’ analytics are available in one system.

By bringing SuccessFactors and SAP Analytics Cloud data together, Integrated Headcount Planning delivers a cloud-based platform to drive the integration of headcount and financial planning. With these technologies as a foundation, HR Analytics can be integrated and combined with Financial and Operational Analytics to provide deeper insights to the organization.  And that means that HR is no longer separated from the rest of the organization’s reporting.

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Learn more about our Integrated Headcount Planning solution today by visiting our website or visit SAP’s qualified partner-packaged solution website to read more.

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