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Business leaders like yourself are desperately looking for strategies to emerge from the recent pandemic without falling behind. Suddenly, every area of the business seems to need improvement and attention: how to keep employees safe and productive; how to manage adequate revenue generation efforts; how to address demand surges and supply chain issues. These issues were present before the pandemic, but now they must be solved faster and more cost effectively.

Intelligent technologies are valuable tools that most organizations can use to assist their company’s digital transformation. Because of its adaptability, high return on investment, and affordability, it’s affecting all industries in today’s market.

The Pace of Change and What it Means for Automation

The pace of change in business and technology is unprecedented. Even before the world was challenged with a global pandemic, many organizations were struggling to keep up. Businesses that had their digital transformation journeys planned out on a 1 to 3-year timeline now need to adapt to change in a matter of weeks. It’s no longer a battle to stay ahead or in-line with competition, it has become a matter of survival. But, how can your company succeed?

Automation is the Key to a Successful Digital Strategy

Every business is facing the same challenges: employees are buried with time-consuming and repetitive tasks, customer service is experiencing longer than ever wait times, and budgets are being cut. Intelligent solutions can help to address these challenges in the following ways:

  • Deliver Employee-Based Savings: help employees reskill or upskill to take on higher-value work
  • Increased Speed and Efficiency: eliminate repetitive and redundant tasks
  • Improved Customer Service: 24/7 automated customer service support
  • New and Scaled Capabilities: use automation to develop new and improved tasks, processes, or operations
  • Quick Time to Value: quick implementation to start utilizing automation software in 10 short weeks
  • Continuous Improvement: handle complex processes and tasks and recognize improvements
  • Around the Clock Operation: immediate actions are completed 7/24/365
  • Reduced Compliance Errors and Risks: automation ensures that sensitive data is processed securely and within compliance guidelines

Rather than being faced with repetitive non-value tasks, high time consumption of human capital, and costly business process execution, your company can focus its resources on value-added business activities. itelligence offers a variety of intelligent technology solutions to help your business take automation to the next level.

Conversational AI

Robotic Process Automation

itelligence offers a Conversational AI (CAI) solution that is designed to help your business reach new levels of productivity. Robots/Chatbots can be used to interact with screens, read and understand different documents, and have conversations with customers and prospects. The solution provides the opportunity to customize program tasks, processes or operations based on your company’s needs. itelligence offers an Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (Intelligent RPA) solution that integrates with your existing infrastructure, handles demand surges, provides flexibility and empowers employees. It is more cost effective and easier to implement than other technology advancements. Intelligent RPA enables robots to react and optimize tasks and processes, whereas simple artificial intelligence is just able to interact and execute.

End-to-End Automation

Although both RPA and Chatbots can work independently, executing automation with one and not the other results in unmet potential. As Intelligent RPA is paired with Conversational AI disciplines, the opportunities for effective automation grow significantly.  For example, tasks and processes can be viewed by an algorithm holistically and interpreted for downstream logic and routing.

Working together, these technologies can deliver the right information, in the right place, at the right time for end-to-end automation.

Your Path Towards the Intelligent Enterprise

During a time of such great uncertainty, it’s more important than ever that businesses find the most efficient, rewarding, and effective ways to utilize employees’ time and resources. Conversational AI and Intelligent RPA is necessary to support current business transitions and to thrive in the future. And, at the end of the day, intelligent capabilities are valuable technologies that businesses can use to aid their digital transformation.

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