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This is the first in a three-part blog series designed to provide SAP customers with a better understanding of the available options for your migration to SAP HANA in the Managed Cloud. The first blog will focus on the reasons why SAP HANA in the itelligence Managed Cloud provides a superior choice, while the second blog will focus on the most common scenarios by which we help businesses choose the right migration path to SAP HANA from SAP ECC. Finally, the third part will focus on how businesses are then enabled to take advantage of the various new innovations from SAP HANA to run with maximum impact and an optimal user experience. 

The cloud is upon us. The acceptance for cloud applications and approaches is increasing as companies see the value of leveraging experts and their economies of scale to deliver high-quality products that can be delivered with reliability and performance at an affordable price. At the same time, SAP HANA is also upon us. In fact, this world-class in-memory computing platform is a necessity for all SAP customers by 202X. Requests for S/4HANA roadmaps and business cases are ramping up as business decision makers increasingly understand how the technology can drive instant value across lines of business and industries with the ultimate sophistication: simplicity. From a business value perspective, S/4HANA creates unique opportunities to reinvent business models and drive new revenues and profits.

So What’s Next?

Any business not already on an SAP HANA technology platform migration path will need to complete one in the next 3-5 years to stay competitive. Unfortunately, many businesses either don’t have a strategic migration to SAP HANA roadmap or are not following already proven approaches. Businesses must determine when and how they are going to migrate, what they will insource and outsource. Each customer’s ability to successfully transition depends heavily on many variables, including internal capabilities.

We know that not every business is ready for SAP S/4HANA today, and building the business case internally can be challenging. For example, in order for SAP HANA to make sense sooner rather than later, approval for your migration to SAP HANA may need to be triggered educating IT and business on the business and IT drivers. While there may not seemingly be any urgency in migrating today, many businesses don’t realize that their database versions and hardware likely are coming up for refreshes or may face support stoppages. For example, before purchasing new SAP hardware IT should understand the HANA infrastructure requirements and costs.

Migration to SAP HANA – Phased Transition

Our goal is to keep customers ahead of the curve and drive their business forward with revolutionary technology. In fact, we believe so strongly in the solutions we help implement that we use them for our own business. We run the full suite of SAP solutions on SAP HANA using SAP’s latest user experience interface on mobile devices that run through our own itelligence Managed Cloud.

We regularly work with businesses like yours to evaluate your unique needs based on our deep experience and expertise in successful migration to SAP HANA and cloud transition. As a result, we will help you fully understand the value proposition SAP HANA offers and the flexible deployment options that are available. Through our flexible Advise-Transform-Enable-Run services approach, we will advise and support you on the right migration path from SAP ECC to SAP HANA.




The itelligence Difference

Through our phased approach, we can help you define and achieve your transition roadmap to realize reduced time to value, save money, mitigate risks, overcome valuable internal resource constraints, and enable innovation. With itelligence, you get the best value from your partnership and the shortest time to value because we have the most experienced SAP consultants in the industry. Just how does itelligence stack up against the competition?



The next blog in this series will provide an overview of the typical scenarios by which companies migrate to SAP HANA hosted by itelligence (ECC 6 EhP 6 or higher already running SAP HANA or on any database).

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