Synchronizing Warehouse Operations with RF Devices

Over the past several years, itelligence customers have benefitted greatly by using RF enabled devices to run their warehouse operations. Itelligence has developed industry solutions which are best practices in a particular industry segment (CPG, Wholesale, etc.). Part of the industry solutions include Itelligence developed RF transactions that are pre delivered to our customers. Some of the transactions that come pre delivered are Incoming Receipts with Quality Management, Goods Issues to Work Orders and Customer Orders, Cycle Counting and Internal Warehouse Operations.

Itelligence has a team of Industry Solution Architects who are working to develop new technology that will enable our customers to benefit in streamlining their warehouse operations. Customer especially in our CPG market will benefit by having all warehouse transactions capable of capturing lot information. Lot traceability is an integral part of SAP’s Warehouse Management module and all itelligence developed RF transactions capture lot information at every step of the process.

The RF transactions are also enabled to capture information related to Quality Management. The Incoming Receipt transactions can capture information such as certificate of conformance, create inspection lots and trigger barcode labels or travelers. Cycle count documents can be created via the RF device and all counts recorded and inventory adjusted from the RF device.

Itelligence has developed these transactions especially for our mid market customers, where most employees perform multiple tasks. Having user friendly transactions and processes that are proven and pre developed not only allow our customer to train their employees in a short amount of time but also help save time and money by synchronizing the warehouse operations.

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