SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Office 2.4 Is Now Available

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Office Just Released

A new update for SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Office is available. The 2.4 release has some new features, but for me the largest news is that SAP almost completely removed the use of the EPM plug-in with BPC 10.1 NetWeaver Embedded. This means that a client will need SAP authorization to use EPM with an BPC 10.1 NW Embedded.

which plug in to use with analysis office 2.1


New Features of SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Office

Some of the more exciting features are EVDRE support, local hierarchy creation and member recognition function. Other features include:

  • BPF in excel only use
  • Improved editor for table design
  • Ability to hide or add items in application building ribbon configuration
  • Workbook protection in reporting
  • Ability to highlight cells with errors
  • Ability to add comments to BIP

News in Analysis Office 2.4


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