SAP S/4HANA is here – so what is it?

SAP recently announced the launch of the brand new SAP S/4HANA, one of the biggest innovations from SAP in the last four years. As a longtime strategic partner of SAP, we’re excited to help lead this next big phase in the company’s history. This new solution is based on today’s technologies and fully leverages the latest in-memory and real-time capabilities of SAP HANA, breaking away from traditional databases.

Designed to drive business innovation by connecting people, devices and business networks, the two biggest enhancements with SAP S/4HANA are speed and simplicity. We at itelligence are eager to help customers quickly experience the solution’s many benefits in all phases of their business.

Speed & Simplicity

SAP S/4HANA’s in-memory technology allows users to improve the approach of traditional data models by eliminating former aggregate tables in old systems. Instead, aggregation doesn’t have to be retrieved from a table and is built on the fly. Real-time analysis is possible because of the in-memory database, which is much simpler from a business standpoint as users have a leaner model from which they can retrieve data. This speed allows for the reduction of data models from 40 tables to eight, shrinking the size of the environment and reducing the amount of code and logic required in various sections.

Another benefit is the shifting of the code from heavy apps that retrieve data and messages, enabling data to be sent to the end user through leaner apps with less code. Leaner apps cut down on the extra logic of old systems that was unnecessary and weighed down the database, leaving code that more efficiently builds and presents business logic to the end user.

SAP S/4HANA, which is deployable in the cloud or on-premise, is built to drive instant value across lines of business and industries in a simple fashion. There are both public and managed cloud options, and the solution is flexible enough that it allows for a hybrid approach. It can accommodate a wide variety of customers, from next-generation adopters to more traditional users.

Our goal at itelligence is to keep our customers ahead of the curve and drive their business forward with revolutionary technology like this in-memory computing solution. In fact, we believe so strongly in the solutions we help implement that we use them for our own business, as seen in our own HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) Data Centers.
As we continue to align with SAP’s strategy, we are excited to fully embrace SAP S/4HANA. To incentivize our customers and tout the release of this game changer, we’re offering special programs to those who implement SAP S/4HANA between now and the end of Q3 2015. Clearly now is the time to invest in an SAP HANA license. Both SAP and itelligence are behind customers 100 percent through the creation of tailored programs and roadmaps.

Stay tuned as we continue to follow SAP’s exceptional pace of innovation and explore new possibilities powered by SAP 4HANA.

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