Adding Value to BusinessObjects – A Look Back at ASUG BOBJ and Key Takeaways

In today’s world of overwhelming data demands, it is no longer the question of the need for Business Intelligence (BI) but more importantly, how effective and relevant is your BI to meeting the demands of your business.

Because retrieving and analyzing business data is an increasingly essential part of successful operations, access must be extended across the enterprise instead of being limited to a select few. SAP BusinessObjects, a comprehensive software as a service (SaaS) that allows users to access BI any time, helps business users explore, report and share data, without the challenge of a long, complex technology project.

In September, the ASUG SAP BusinessObjects User Conference was host to a variety of educational sessions presented by customers, partners and SAP. The program delivered unique and valuable content specific to professionals using BusinessObjects.

For a lot of companies, BusinessObjects has been an add-on or complement to other systems. Because it doesn’t have to be paired with SAP, the conference is really an added bonus for SAP and non-SAP customers, bringing together an impressive group of diverse professionals from many industries. As we look back at the conference, some of the key takeaways to note are:

Cloud – A key consideration when deploying or enhancing cloud solutions is the end-user experience. Because much of the back-office work, including the use of cloud and utilization of more business data, is being transferred through the enterprise to sectors like the sales force or customer service representatives, the interfaces and engagement must be user friendly.

Greater user independence is now required as users must have full functionality without the need for specialized IT support. Systems must be secure, reliable and dependable, and, most importantly, perform at a high level. Fortunately, cloud computing offers more flexibility than most people think. IT departments can piece together solutions from a private cloud network, a public network, and on- premise systems.

Mobility – Business Mobility is fascinating because of new growth cores currently developing in the area of mobile data services—especially for business operations. Generally, mobile enterprise solutions can be deployed in all areas along a company‘s value chain. This applies to both the supported activities—meaning the cross-section application in companies—as well as primary activities, ranging from procurement, production, distribution, marketing and sales to service and after-sales support.

When looking at your mobile strategy, consider which mobile business operations generate added value and ways to integrate them into the corporate structure. It’s also important to consider how terminal devices are operated in a rule-based and secure manner within and outside of the company.

HANA – New applications with In-Memory technology provide future-looking data management and pioneering analysis functions. For businesses facing the challenges of showing real-time results and value and contemplating the benefits of SAP HANA, now is the right time to commit to investing in the new technology.

itelligence has carefully considered these and many other important issues and used our deep SAP expertise to create test drives that help companies address their unique needs. At the BusinessObjects User Conference, we invited companies to experience how SAP HANA can deliver higher performance in real-time when processing vast data volumes. We continue to offer HANA Test Drives, which can be arranged from

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