Hosting SAP Mobility

Ok, you’ve installed this SAP system and now your company wants to migrate from a company that just runs SAP to a company that is a leader in your industry.  As part of that transformation, you—the CIO or IT Director—have been asked to investigate installing a mobility solution for the sales force, field operations or the CEO, who wants to check reports from an iPad. 

SAP Mobility, though Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP), offers many functional advantages that I will not discuss in this blog (that’s the job of the functional guys).  SAP SUP is a leader in the industry with the ability to link ERP and mobile devices. In addition, through the Sybase Afaria product, you can have confidence that your mobile devices can be managed/secured from a central location.

So, now you’re asking yourself, what is the infrastructure that is required to run the backend of a mobility solution?  Here are the infrastructure areas/components that must be considered:

ERP System(s):  Ok, this is the obvious one.  You need a system(s) to pull data from.

SAP Netweaver Mobile:  This landscape (DEV, QAS, PROD) is necessary to link into the SAP Environment to extract the defined data.

Sybase Unwired Platform:  This landscape (DEV, QAS, PROD) is necessary to communicate to the SAP Netweaver Mobile environment and act as the communications mechanism to the mobile devices.

Sybase Afaria:  This landscape (DEV, QAS, PROD) is not required, but should always be considered to perform group management of mobile devices to protect your company’s data.  Additional server components may also be needed to support specific OS/devices.  An iOS Provisioning Server, an iOS Certificate Authority Server and/or OMA DM Server could also be required, depending on the devices that are used by your organization.

Sybase Relay Server(s):  This system(s) sits in your DMZ and acts as the communication layer through the firewall(s) between the SUP and the mobile devices.

DMZ:  It is very important that the internal networks are protected from external intrusion.  A DMZ should be established with proper protections in place (intrusion detection, firewall(s) protection, ability to shut down access, etc.).

Partnering with a provider that has the experience and know-how are critical to the success of your project.  Let itelligence focus on SAP so you and your employees can focus on your business.

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