Outsourced SAP Simplified: When Two Heads Aren’t Better Than One

Companies running SAP often face similar challenges that lead to the need for outsourced support and hosting. For example, how do we:

• Support SAP globally while providing local knowledge and language?
• Turn SAP into a strategic tool and get the right resources at the right time?
• Consistently and reliably protect and maximize the investment?
• Find time to focus on core business needs and deliver measurable value?

However, once companies have decided to seek SAP support and hosting services, deciding the best route for then choosing an SAP business partner can understandably present new challenges. A recent SearchSAP.com article discusses some of the traditional benefits of choosing a single- or multi-partner approach. While describing several typical advantages of the one-partner model, including SAP business operation, management cost and knowledge transfer efficiencies, it’s worth emphasizing additional criteria, such as partner chemistry and holistic SAP credentials, that should be expected when placing such a high level of trust in one partner.

In reality, the number of SAP support and hosting partners truly capable of providing everything a best-run business needs is quite small. This is a major reason why businesses that initially chose two or more SAP partners frequently try to migrate to a single one, if that partner is capable of providing all services. Businesses desiring the absolute best available one-stop shop partner should be highly selective, using SAP partner status as a starting point for example. Support capabilities should come in the form of local language capabilities, with local regulatory and reporting knowledge. In addition, deeply skilled SAP experts should understand both SAP and business processes in order to deliver support on demand, on-site or remotely.

Finally, dedicated, customer-focused consultant teams should effectively become an extension of a business’ staff to provide support that allows in-house resources to become more strategic. When all of these factors are weighed, we naturally believe the only choice is itelligence Support Advantage for application support and technical support. Our customers select us for a number of reasons, including we “simply got it early” and impressed them as “good people we could easily work with to develop what have become wonderful personal relationships.” They also say we provide “the same level of expertise and excellence throughout the entire length of the project” and customers “get exactly what you need, when and where you need it.”

Are you looking for everything you should be in your outsourced SAP partner?

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