Run Better Blog Series: Part Four

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As we discussed in our last post from the “What If” campaign, companies are finding challenges with the growing amount of transactional and operational data available. Increasingly, companies need to share and quickly analyze large amounts of data. To help, SAP’s High-Performance Analytic Appliance — HANA — address the challenge of extracting real-time business insight from today’s exponentially larger data sources in a flexible and cost-effective way. This enterprise challenge indicates the increased need for mobility within a business.

In this blog post you’ll find the final excerpt from our white paper,  Run Better: Technology That Will Drive Tomorrow’s Transformation,” identifying the need for mobility to enhance a company’s ability to Run Better with amplified collaboration, analysis and response.


Big Data/In-Memory – The Issue: Conducting Business Anytime, From Any Device

Today’s businesses don’t follow a 9-to-5 schedule. The flow and pace continues to accelerate, and employees aren’t tied to a single location within or outside of the business. To keep pace with the “always on” nature of business, quickly act on emerging trends, collaborate on a global scale, and optimize productivity, employees need anytime/anywhere access to technology tools and enterprise resources.

Beyond simple email access, employees in key business functions inventory, the shop floor, asset management, distribution, procurement, shipping, manufacturing, field service, sales—need new capabilities to track people, equipment, activity, and projects, regardless of location. More employees are also incorporating their own mobile devices into their business activities, and they want to use the devices they purchase independently to securely access enterprise applications and data resources.

For the IT department, this means supporting a mobile workforce using a more heterogeneous mix of devices. This “consumerization of IT” adds to IT’s workload by increasing the number of devices they support, along with a new set of user-related challenges to troubleshoot. At the same time, IT departments need to rethink their approach to security as more devices access enterprise applications.


The Run Better Solution: Mobile Solutions That Revolutionize Access And Core Processes

Mobile solutions are redefining the nature of work–rewriting the rules for what it means to be productive and responsive. By allowing anytime/anywhere access to tools and information that were traditionally kept on site, businesses can dramatically increase productivity and collaboration.

Information workers can now have access to contextual information and key systems they need to address both challenges and opportunities as they emerge. At the same time, field-based teams and distributed workforces can collaborate with their colleagues more effectively, having instant access to the same information and tools as their home office counterparts.

By opening up access to enterprise resources and data via any device, businesses extend the reach and value of their enterprise systems. New strategies and processes for centralized device management can help IT teams limit access to approved users and devices, preventing security breaches. IT can strike that optimum balance between the access business users demand with the control and monitoring that help ensure the integrity and value of the enterprise’s strategic data and computing resources.


The itelligence Perspective: Identifying The Processes And Practices Where Mobility Can Impact Most

Simply adding mobile devices into the workplace isn’t enough to achieve the collaboration and innovation that drive higher levels of productivity and efficiency. With expertise in both core business processes and industry-specific practices, the itelligence team can help organizations use mobility to increase efficiency and strengthen their competitive foothold—while maintaining the best practices in enterprise data security and user support.

This wraps up our series on how companies can run better using available technologies that fit companies of all sizes, around the world, and in all industries. For more information on how itelligence can help make your company Run Better, please contact us.

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