Run Better Blog Series: Part Three

Building on part two of the Run Better Series where we discussed the challenges and solutions in cloud computing, we’d like to turn our attention to part three of the series covering another challenge seen by many —Big Data. Taking an excerpt from our white paper, “Run Better: Technology That Will Drive Tomorrow’s Transformation,” we have laid out the trending issues seen with big data and offered technology solutions that are suitable for companies in any industry, of any size, and throughout the world.

Big Data/In-Memory – The Issue: Identifying Insights With Time To Take Action
Businesses are generating more transactional and operational data than ever before, creating a problem for businesses leaders who need to analyze and interpret that growing volume of data in a timely way to act on emerging trends, competitive challenges, and market conditions. As the available window for making key decisions continues to shrink, business leaders need quicker insight than they can get from traditional end-of-day, weekly, and monthly queries.

Unfortunately, the analytic queries that businesses rely on are taking longer to generate, given the bigger pool of raw data that they draw from. IT teams need time to collect, aggregate, replicate, and index ever more data and package it in a “decision-ready” way. Frequently, this can mean taking transactional data offline to aggregate, index, and model it, which creates an additional delay.

IT can also struggle to accommodate the growing demand for new ways to view and analyze data. New data sources, user needs, and market opportunities continue to emerge, and business users continually need new ways to understand and analyze trends, histories, and activity. The sheer technical complexity related to serving up data in the way users need it can make it difficult for IT teams to keep pace with user needs.

The Run Better Solution: More Data, Driving Better Insights, At Lightning Speed
In-memory/big data solutions such as SAP’s High-Performance Analytic Appliance—or HANA—address the challenge of extracting real-time business insight from today’s exponentially larger data sources, in a flexible and affordable way. HANA stores data in-memory rather than on disk, enabling real-time analysis and queries of business conditions. It combines high-volume transaction data capacity with analytics, to dramatically improve existing planning, forecasting, pricing optimization, and other processes.

With HANA’s in-memory capacity, IT departments spend less time on data conversion and modeling and even data warehouse setup. IT departments don’t need to take data offline to aggregate, model, and prepare it for business-ready queries. With SAP BusinessObjects BI clients integrated directly on top of the SAP HANA appliance, business users have quicker access to vital business intelligence. In some cases, HANA accelerates queries from one hour to sub-second response times.

HANA also reports directly off the SAP data structure, allowing business users to access data directly from SAP ERP or combine it with other data sources for real-time analytics and insight into business trends. It can also quickly and easily incorporate new high-volume data sources – such as social media inputs, web usage metrics, and data stores from a newly acquired company–that would otherwise take months to translate into a decision-ready format. Business users get a 360-degree view of operations that can help them think beyond the constraints and limitations of traditional approaches to aggregating and querying vast stores of data and be more innovative in their analytic approach.

The itelligence Perspective: Pinpointing The Industry Best Practices Where Big Data Can Yield Big Success
With proven experience in industries such as manufacturing, consumer goods, wholesale distribution, and industrial machinery; the itelligence team can help businesses focus a big data/in-memory solution such as HANA on the processes and operations that yield actionable insights, improving competitiveness and responsiveness. As industry-leading experts in all facets of SAP, itelligence can help businesses focus HANA around business processes with the greatest business impact, and deploy it with the flexibility to accommodate future data sources and analytical projects.

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