In case you missed itelligence’s G.I.B. Solutions Webcast on Forecasting…

In the first blog post of our Supply Chain webcast series, we told you a little bit more about the G.I.B. Dispo-Cockpit Solution. Now we’re moving into the various demonstrations, and the first is led by itelligence’s Brooks Noonan, a Solutions Engineer who focuses on the Supply Chain in Manufacturing, Consumer Products, and Wholesale.

Brooks explains how the modules within Dispo-Cockpit include functions such as Forecasting, Controlling, Operations, Planning, and Vendor Managed Inventory. From there he provides a deeper look at the focus of this webcast, Forecasting. Dispo-Cockpit Forecasting (DCF) entails demand, sales and plant planning, and is fully embedded in SAP. Within the webcast, viewers learn more about its capabilities, including:

  • Central and de-central planning
  • Bottom up and top down
  • Consolidation in central planning monitor
  • Forecasting models: SAP and additional

To watch the recorded version of this webcast, click here.

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