Morgan Foods Presents Demand Planning Case at Kentucky ASUG Chapter Meeting


On Friday, June 12th, itelligence sponsored the Kentucky ASUG Chapter meeting. Valued customer, Roger Heaverin, Director of IT at Morgan Foods, presented with itelligence’s Eric Jones, Director of Supply Chain Planning. Together, the two spoke about the successful partnership between itelligence and Morgan Foods to improve Morgan Foods’ planning in a simple, fast and affordable fashion.

To help address Morgan Foods’ business needs, itelligence helped them implement G.I.B. Dispo-Cockpit to provide affordable forecasting and MRP Cockpits for demand planning needs. Roger explained why he chose G.I.B Dispo-Cockpit as a tool to forecast demand and his team’s positive experience using the tool. Eric then shared how customers can achieve the Perfect Order while balancing customer service and profit. It was a great presentation and we look forward to hearing more from Roger and Morgan Foods.




Eric and Roger at the Kentucky ASUG Chapter Meeting

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