Supply Chain Webcast Series Kicking Off Oct 2nd

For those of you who are interested in learning how to use SAP to better manage your organization’s supply chain, we are sponsoring a series of webcasts tailored specifically for you! The series will show you how to anticipate sudden changes in supply and demand, control costs and reduce risk, decrease trade penalties and fines, and improve inbound and outbound customs processes.

The first webcast kicks off tomorrow at 2:00 pm ET and will focus on strategies to improve inventory optimization and demand planning with SAP. Using Airbus as an example, our industry solution principal Eric Jones will focus on the importance of continuous optimization of the supply chain and how to optimize inventory levels quickly and cost effectively. After showing how Airbus has been implementing G.I.B inventory Optimization solutions, Eric will go over tips on how to evaluate SAP supply chain solutions for large and midsized businesses. Once a decision is made to use SAP, Eric will show how it can be leveraged with statistical modeling, automatic model selection, promotional adjustments, and flexible planning scenarios to implement a cost effective solution with add-ons and extensions that lower upfront costs without additional hardware.

If you want to learn how SAP supply chain optimization can make your life easier, make sure you follow the link to register for the Webcasts. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

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