Throw Back Thursday: Let’s play ball!

Today is a big day in sports not only for soccer fans (or football fans for you die-hards – more on this next week), but also for baseball fans!

On June 12, 1880, J. Lee Richmond of the Worcester Ruby Legs pitched Major League Baseball’s first perfect game against the Cleveland Blues. He is one of only two pitchers to throw a perfect game in the 19th Century, the second coming less than a week later on June 17th. Only 23 perfect games (including Richmond’s) have been recorded in MLB history with the most recent perfect game thrown by Félix Hernández of the Seattle Mariners on August 15, 2012.

It’s obvious that pitching a perfect game isn’t easy to do, but these days, it requires quite a bit more effort. Putting a perfect game in the books requires a unique series of events from the pitcher, the defense and the offense. In this day and age, pitchers are throwing balls faster than ever – the average speed of a fastball in the 2013-2014 MLB season was 91.7 mph – and have more pitches to choose from, but that amounts to nothing if one player gets on base. Analytics often come into play as well. Players study their opponents and have access to an overwhelming amount of data to analyze and attempt to find a weakness.

Businesses do the same thing both within their organization and with their competition. There’s so much information available, but it takes a certain combination of data and analytical knowledge to produce results that are useful. We know it can be overwhelming to figure all of that out on your own, and that’s why we’re here – to help!

Today is J. Lee Richmond’s day, but let’s not forget that it required a team effort to put the first perfect game in the books.

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