Throwback Thursday: “Portable” Computers

For today’s #TBT, we are going back 20 years to the day when Apple first introduced the Apple IIc computer, which was widely seen as Apple’s first attempt at a portable computer. My goodness, how times have changed!

With tablets, phablets and laptops widespread in the world of computing, it seems we’ve mastered the “portable computer,” but interestingly, today we are seeing a similar shift in the world of big data as the cloud becomes increasing pervasive in enterprise IT environments.

Businesses are switching from in-house computing centers to the cloud, creating a more mobile, more rapid computing network. In fact, Forrester recently predicted that cloud computing has reached a “hypergrowth” phase and “corporate spending on cloud-computing services, software and resources will reach $191 billion in 2020 as companies replace older equipment and programs with Internet-based systems.” This marks an exciting time in for cloud computing, and who knows, in 20 years we may look back on this moment and chuckle as we read our email in our flying car.

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