We’re Proud to be a Top Workplace 2020

top workplaces 2020

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Recently, itelligence North America was honored to be named as a Top Workplaces 2020 by The Cincinnati Enquirer.  This recognition is a testament to every one of our employees, both past and present, who helped build our culture to where it is today.

While we celebrate this recognition, we know this is just the beginning. Our leaders, and the organization as a whole, are fully committed to continue the efforts to elevate our workplace.  Although this award is a wonderful acknowledgement of the work we have done so far, we all look forward to achieving even greater heights in the coming years.

But don’t take my word for it; here are comments from some current itelligence employees:


“It is a reflection of the hard work and family culture our employees have cultivated over the years and a direct result of intentional efforts by our leadership in recent years to focus on our employee experience as a top priority.”

– Ryan Kubec, Account Executive


“Not only am I proud to work here, but being named a 2020 Top Workplace is confirmation that my colleagues across the company share my perspective and pride.”

– Christine Turner, Sr. SAP Maintenance Support Analyst


Since I joined itelligence last year, I’ve witnessed a culture built on open dialogue between leaders and employees. This has been even more evident in the last few months, as we adjust and persevere with the pandemic — and the entire itelligence team is motivated to continue improving the level of communication going forward.


“During our internal call that addressed the reality of COVID-19, I saw the most impressive corporate leadership in my career. We didn’t get a “rah-rah” speech promising us smooth sailing and false assurances. Instead, we got a clear message that absolutely showed a difficult path ahead, but also a vision of how we truly could come out of this situation without having to shut down. Who knows if it will work, but there’s no doubt in my mind my company is trying to get through this difficult time while retaining as many employees as it can.”

– Steven Rider, Senior Application Consultant


I am excited and proud that itelligence was named a Cincinnati Top Workplace 2020.  Thanks to our hard-working employees, who give their “all” for each other and for our customers. Thanks to our managers, who care for our employees every day, providing opportunities for them to thrive and grow. We all look forward to elevating the culture we have at itelligence and striving to make it an even better place to work.



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