In Case You Missed CF Industries’ SAP BPC Implementation Webinar…

We recently completed a webinar with fertilizer giant CF Industries about their lofty goal to become a world-class financial planning and analysis organization through their implementation of SAP Business Planning and Consolidation.

In the webinar Joe Nagel, manager financial planning and analysis at CF Industries, described how the company reached that goal by replacing Excel-centric budgeting and planning models and standardizing process to create a self-sufficient finance department.

Some of the areas during the webinar included:

  • How to create a harmonized long-term outlook and monthly forecasting process
  • Tips to recognizing barriers and identifying opportunities to improve efficiencies
  • Steps to remove disconnected processes that prevent a centralized view
  • The benefits of bridging the current state to future state of the organization
  • How CF’s work has streamlined the integration of new acquisitions
  • Tactics to remove silos of information in the finance organization

For those who missed this insightful webinar here’s your opportunity to catch it on-demand. Follow the link to below to register and view the recording today.

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