Discover more about itelligence through our publications, including our digital magazine ‘beyond it’ and our books.

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Let us introduce you to the world of itelligence. Discover more about us in itelligence publications, including our digital magazine ‘beyond it’ and our books.

Beyond it magazine

Our company magazine features in-depth interviews and personal insights about the world of itelligence, with contributions from renowned writers and photographers.

Dream Destination SAP Travel Guide

Concise, compact and fun. Our handy ‘Dream Destination SAP travel guide’ covers everything you need to know about SAP. It will help you find the right ‘travel partner’, who can help tailor SAP solutions so they are right for you. With our help, over 5,000 satisfied customers globally have already reached their SAP ‘dream destination’. When will you join them?

Financial reports

All the up-to-date facts and figures about itelligence. You’ll find our results in annual and interim reports. Plus, we highlight relevant financial news and important dates in our financial calendar.

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