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itelligence Software Solutions Enhance your SAP Processes

itelligence software solutions are designed to address distinct industry or business needs.  These solutions are designed for easy installation and implementation, and can be utilized by your business in a predictable, reusable fashion.  itelligence software is available as on-premise solutions or delivered via the SAP Cloud Platform.

Each of these solutions is designed to fill a gap in standard SAP processes or to enhance existing processes — which ultimately increases operational efficiency.  All of these solutions were developed using a registered namespace with SAP that provides protection against unauthorized modification and upgrades. And finally, each proprietary item package comes with a complete set of solution documentation and training materials.

Additional software information and pricing can be obtained via our itelligence AddStore.  The itelligence e-commerce site organizes all North American solution offerings by Line of Business (LOB) and Industry, and also describes our country-specific solutions to support your business abroad for EMEA and APAC.

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SAP Cloud Platform

As a leading solution provider, itelligence has adopted the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) to convert all of its industry and LOB solutions to the Cloud.  itelligence understands that cloud development is the latest technique to bring quick innovation to your business while keeping the core ERP solution clean and upgradeable.

itelligence can provide a variety of additional services beyond our pre-packaged SCP software offerings, which include:

  • Design thinking sessions
  • Proof of Concept builds
  • Developer Education (Odata, UI5, Java)
  • Innovation Preparation for S/4HANA Conversions
  • IoT use case builds
  • SAP Cloud Platform Licensing

Contact us if you are interested in any of the above services or if you need help to bring innovation to modernize your business processes.

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Featured itelligence Software Solutions

The following are just a few examples of itelligence software solutions.

Supply Chain Optimization Tools

GIB solutions are a suite of supply chain optimization tools that run inside SAP ERP.  These solutions help supply chain professionals more accurately predict demand, improve the balance of supply and demand, optimize inventory investment and reduce total supply chain time and costs.

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Master Data Simplified

With master data, it’s said that everybody needs it but nobody wants to handle it. That’s where the itelligence it.mds (Master Data Simplified) solution comes in. It’s all about making things simpler, reducing errors and improving quality.  it.mds runs on SAP HANA and supports business processes executed in SAP with proper data management and minimal effort. It simplifies a series of internal working processes by managing, consolidating and harmonizing all master data in a single, central integrated solution.

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Manage Complex Sales Programs

itelligence incentives enhances the best parts of SAP to create a robust, complex incentive management solution designed with industry specifics in mind. Extend the core by managing complex sales programs, agreements, rebates and commission programs. Efficiently manage, process and report on incentive programs in a cost-effective way.

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Simplified Supply Chain Collaboration

The itelligence it.vendor portal solution provides a self-service portal for vendors to see upcoming demand and orders, confirm order information, create Advance Ship Notifications (ASNs), e-invoicing, and exchange information. It’s a simple and cost-effective solution for vendor integration with a simple, intuitive user experience.

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Unlock the B2B Experience with Customer Self-Service

If you’re looking for smart and efficient ways to provide your customers with a real-time, self-service entry point to view their order lifecycle, look no further. The itelligence it.customer portal provides B2B customers with a robust customer dashboard to report on the order-to-cash business process.  Built inside SAP ERP and leveraging the latest SAP Fiori platform, it.customer portal requires no SAP interfaces, data duplication or additional third-party applications.

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Protect ERP Processes

The itelligence solution delivers pre-configured SAP security, including SOX-ready, SoD-compliant roles with spreadsheet templates for mapping users.  The solution enhances your SAP functionality and provides all-inclusive design for ERP security.

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Security and Controls to Manage SAP HANA

The itelligence solution delivers pre-configured SAP HANA security, including SOX-ready, Segregation-of-Duties-compliant Design Time HANA Roles and several spreadsheet templates for Security Assessment, Role Build and SoD violation within the HANA database.

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Improve Warehouse Processing Efficiency

Work processes in a warehouse are characterized by speed, reliability and accuracy. To ensure that work is performed efficiently, and at a lower cost, you need a simple and easy-to-view control of individual processes. The itelligence it.RF Transactions solution provides fast and error-free data communication through the use of mobile RF terminals.

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Smarter Document Management

For many businesses, incoming documents pass through a lot of hands, and subsequently a lot of time is spent on document handling – that is, if the document management process is manual.  The itelligence it.document handling suite is an automated, cognitive solution based on robot software and artificial intelligence, which means that all values in the documents are automatically recorded and categorized in your company’s ERP system. And with artificial intelligence, the system only gets smarter the more documents it handles.

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Integrate Shipping Management

The ShipERP Multi-Carrier/Multi-Mode shipping solution provides a fully configurable, single shipping platform that resides completely in SAP without requiring middleware.  With ShipERP, you can create carrier-compliant shipping labels and documentation right out of SAP and store all transactional shipping data in SAP for easy retrieval and reporting.

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Guide to an Optimized Supply Chain

Download our guide to learn how to optimize your supply chain to meet the challenges of the digital era.

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