Perform& Rapid-Deployment Solution

Improve the Quality and Speed of Goal and Performance Management

Adopt best-of-breed goal and performance management processes in the cloud.

Boost Workforce Performance through Comprehensive Performance and Goal Management

Improve the quality and speed of your goal and performance management processes – and make an impact on business results – with the SAP SuccessFactors Align & Perform rapid-deployment solution.

This rapid-deployment solution – also known as Perform& – uses pre-configured processes based on business best practices for goal management, performance management and 360-degree reviews.

Combined goal alignment, visibility and accountability reports keep managers up to date on their employees’ progress to meet business objectives and facilitates an ongoing dialogue between employees and managers through regular feedback and coaching opportunities.

The solution also allows managers to collect feedback on employee performance and behavior with both quantitative and qualitative data collected through 360-degree developmental surveys and multi-rater assessments.

Perform& is delivered on a fixed implementation timeline and price -- with most implementations completed within just 6-10 weeks.

Key Features

  • Workforce performance is optimized by getting the right people to do the right things, in the right way, at the right time.
  • Faster implementation of preconfigured SAP SuccessFactors Goal and Performance Management solutions.
  • Minimization of project risk through a rapid-deployment approach (content, collateral, methodology).

Business Benefits

  • Adopt best-of-breed goal and performance management processes in the cloud.
  • Simplify and improve the review process for employees and managers with 360-degree reviews.
  • Provide actionable insights into performance success at every level.

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