Run SAP Webinar Series – Practical Advice from itelligence SAP Experts

Run SAP Webinar Series

Join us for our Run SAP Webinar Series of educational webinars to help you get the most from your SAP investment.

Our SAP Platinum consultants are often asked to assess SAP landscapes and identify underutilized functions and/or functions where organizations unknowingly use competing or redundant products that complicate their environment.  Our consultants encounter similar questions from process owners.  This picture below, for example, illustrates a client’s utilization report after doing an in-depth analysis of their environment.

Are you making the most of your SAP ERP ?

SAP Functionality Utilization
Example Report of SAP Functionality Utilization

Given this opportunity for many companies to optimize their current SAP environment, we’ve decided to run a monthly Run SAP Webinar Series.  In this series, we will capture the key questions from our clients and lend practical advice on closing gaps, automating manual work, raise awareness of functionality owned but not utilized, consult on the best method to address issues and, in general, educate our clients with varied tips and techniques.

This is meant to be informative from the team on the ground working with process owners each day. We look forward to your participation and hope you find the series of great value.

Select the Run SAP Webinar that fits your needs

Date Topic Link
 On Demand  Material Requirements Planning (MRP)  Replay Link
 On Demand  SAP Material Master Part 1: Overview and Enterprise Views  Replay Link
 On Demand  SAP Material Master Part 2: Supply Chain Views  Replay Link
 On Demand  SAP Material Master Part 3: Finance Views  Replay Link
 On Demand  MRP Exception Messages Demystified  Replay Link
 On Demand  Material Ledger – Get to Know It!  Replay Link
 On Demand  SAP ECC Supply Chain Materials Tracking  Replay Link
 On Demand  Availability Check in Sales Order & Delivery Processing  Replay Link
 November 8  SAP Warehouse Monitor  Register Now!

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