Digital Transformation as a Service (DTaaS)

Rethinking Digital Transformation for Your New Reality

Our model creates impact quickly and is highly adaptable to opportunities and threats. It’s also financially predictable.

It’s Time for a New Digital Strategy

Digital transformation has been a popular topic for years, yet few businesses have been successful in ‘transforming’ their organizations. This fact became glaringly obvious in the current economy, shining a harsh light on businesses unprepared to deal with the pace of change.

In a world that is rapidly accelerating, the current approach to digital transformation doesn’t work. The pace of change is unrelenting, and it’s forcing businesses to work harder than ever to remain relevant. Continuing to do ‘business as usual’ is not an option. It’s time to rethink digital transformation.

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Keeping Up with Change

The rate of change for business and technology is unrelenting – and it’s only going to get faster. It’s forcing businesses to work harder than ever to remain relevant.

The path forward requires a new approach to digital transformation. An approach that will make your transformation efforts fast, flexible and forgiving.

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Digital Transformation Itself Must Evolve

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Webinar: This Isn’t Working: Rethinking Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation as a Service (DTaaS)

Our approach replaces the traditional series of lumbering projects with a service that is fast, flexible and forgiving. It’s a smarter way to respond to changes in technology, your industry and your business.

Flexible Delivery Model

Service delivery is designed to provide maximum value, as fast as possible. It can succeed where traditional transformation has failed.

What makes this possible is our modular approach. It’s based on predefined implementation modules that address specific business challenges. Each is a discrete functional project that is lower risk, faster, and always current.

The modular delivery model makes it easier to spin projects up or down based on your changing needs. You’ll be able to pivot faster, with less ‘sunk cost.’

Dynamic Roadmap

The DTaaS approach starts with a roadmap based on several inputs: business strategy, industry challenges and technology advances. Based on these inputs, the roadmap identifies actionable initiatives that will add measurable value to your business. It incorporates our collective knowledge of technology, your industry and your current situation.

But unlike traditional IT roadmaps, the dynamic roadmap is forgiving. It’s designed to pivot and adapt quickly, and without penalty. The key to this flexibility is the modular design.

Subscription Pricing

DTaaS uses a value-based subscription model with affordable monthly payments. The service model simplifies the procurement process, so you can use a single budget, not multiple bids and contracts. This type of engagement can often be covered as an operational expenditure (OpEx) rather than CapEx.

This is an approach your CFO could love … even right now.

DTaaS buyers guide

Learn how a service-based approach to digital transformation can benefit your business.

Your business needs a smarter, more flexible way to respond to changes in technology, in your industry and in your business.

We can help you create a dynamic technology roadmap designed to help you pivot and adapt quickly.

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