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Reinvent Customer Relationship Management to Deliver Connected Customer Experiences

Build stronger relationships with your customers by engaging them at every point in their journey.

Customer Experience is a Never-Ending Cycle

To succeed today and in the future, you need to build lasting relationships with your customers. And that’s not always an easy prospect. Customers expect a lot these days, and you can only meet those expectations by providing a highly contextual, personalized experience – across every channel and on every device.

It doesn’t matter where your customers are in their journey. At each step of the way, you need to leverage real-time customer and industry data to ensure that their experience is always personal and relevant to that particular moment.

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Four Global Trends Driving Change

What do businesses need to do in order to meet these new customer expectations? There are four major trends shaping customer experience in the digital era:

  1. The need for a single view of the customer so they can be placed at the heart of the business.
  2. A shift from a focus on selling products to selling services.
  3. The need to connect front- and back-office in order to offer a truly holistic customer experience.
  4. Building customers’ trust that you will use their data responsibly.

It’s not easy to manage change at this scale with outdated CRM technology.

Next-Generation CRM

Next-generation CRM is not about automation and efficiency. It’s about intelligent engagement and effectiveness. It’s about creating a series of moments which feel genuine and engender trust.

Alex Atzberger, President, SAP Customer Experience

It’s Time for Fourth-Generation CRM

Customer expectations are impacting the requirements for CRM software. To meet the needs of the digital economy, customers expect:

Data privacy: Customers don’t want their data used without their knowledge. While artificial intelligence allows for powerful analytics of customer data, at the same time it raises the stakes around data privacy. Once consumers lose faith that a business will protect their sensitive data and handle it responsibly, all trust is gone.

Treat people like people. Customers don’t want to be treated like a sales opportunity. They want businesses to know their preferences, anticipate their needs and act accordingly.

Connected experiences.  Given all the choices, channels, and options, customers want a consistently great experience every time.

If you’re considering a move to SAP C/4HANA, download this buyers guide for guidance on making the decision to move forward, quantifying the impact, and which path to follow.

Customer Experience in the Digital Era

Learn about the 5 trends driving change in today’s customer experience and strategies for addressing those challenges.

SAP C/4HANA Customer Experience Solutions

SAP’s completeness of vision is built to deliver a single view of the consumer with CRM that seamlessly connects the front-office to the back-office.


Empower your sales force to engage with customers in more meaningful and helpful ways throughout the buyers' journey. Give your teams the insight they need to make better business decisions in the moment to boost productivity and sales performance.


Provide personalized, high-value customer service before, during, and after a purchase – whether via self-service, in contact centers, or in the field. Make every agent an expert by giving them the right information and tools at the right time.


Simplify your multi-channel commerce strategy and bring it to life with rich features for product content management and merchandising, built-in flexibility, and deep integration. Sell to both businesses and consumers on a single platform to cut costs.


Market to an audience of one with a single view of first-party customer data. Scale personalized experiences with powerful machine learning. And get better results with better insights, including multi-touch attribution and robust data visualization.

Customer Data

Provide secure digital experiences that put consumers in control of their preferences and personal data – to boost customer retention, brand loyalty, and lifetime value. Create trust with transparency and facilitate compliance with data protection laws.

Why SAP C/4HANA for Customer Engagement?

Transform you business faster

SAP C/4HANA was built to help you thrive in an economy where products are becoming services – and the experience of selecting, buying, consuming, and getting help with those services is quickly becoming the differentiator.

Build trusted relationships

Fourth-generation CRM is not about automating transactions or managing processes – it’s about creating a series of moments that feel genuine and inspire trust. SAP C/4HANA gives customers control over their data and how it’s used, sold, or marketed.

Create great experiences, every time

With tight integration to SAP S/4HANA and your other enterprise systems, SAP C/4HANA breaks down silos – and empowers employees across every department to create simpler, personal, and more helpful connections with customers.

Keep up with your customers

With an in-memory architecture that leverages of SAP Cloud Platform, our customer experience software provides rich micro-services for extension and integration – so you can bring consumer-driven innovation to market in record time.

Webinar: SAP C/4HANA - What Does it Mean for Your Organization?

In this 60-minute webinar, you'll hear firsthand from industry expert Bob Meyer, VP Customer Experience at itelligence, how the recent rebranding of SAP Hybris to SAP C/4HANA will affect customers and change the product roadmap.

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The Tension in B2B Customer Experience Management

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Koleksiyon, being one of Turkey’s most deep rooted furniture manufacturers established in 1972, continues its development today with stores in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Adana, Bodrum and Gaziantep in Turkey, with offices in EU countries, the Middle East and the USA.

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KWS SAAT SE, Einbeck, Germany

KWS SAAT, one of the world's leading seed producers, has been cultivating agricultural crops for the temperate climate zone for more than 160 years. With high-quality seeds for maize, sugar beets, grains, oilseed rape, sunflowers, soybeans, and catch crops, KWS meets all customer requirements.

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Foss has just completed the global CRM roll-out project of introducing SAP to all sales staff and technicians. SAP is now available on 600 employees’ telephones and tablets. Great potential for efficiency.

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Sluyter Logistics B.V., Rotterdam, Netherlands

Sluyter Logistics, a Dutch full-service provider with 275 employees working across nine locations, offers tailored, cost-efficient solutions for any logistical issue.

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Aspen Oss B.V., Oss, Netherlands

Based in the Netherlands, Aspen Oss B.V. provides the world with vital pharmaceutical products, such as steroid hormones, Heparin Sodium, peptid and alkaloid products.

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Bilkent Holding

Many of Turkey’s best-known brands and major players are part of Bilkent Holding. Comprising a total of over 20 companies across nine industries, the group’s scope of activities is far-reaching.

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Within just 5 months itelligence implemented SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer at BEHRINGER. The leading supplier of band and circular saw technology is now able to collect and centrally organize smart customer data.

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Dürkopp Adler

With SAP Hybris, implemented by itelligence, Dürkopp Adler has a sound e-commerce strategy platform for the future.

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Komşufırın is a leading Turkish bakery chain who succeeded the unique harmony of the traditional bakery concept with modern production techniques.

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