HR Transformation

Why HR is Critical to the Success of Digital Transformation for Your Business

Transformation of the workforce, and the way it is utilized, managed, and improved is a central feature of digital transformation for any business.

HR Must Deliver on Transformation

Digital transformation depends on transformation of the workforce and the way it is utilized, managed, and improved. This can only be achieved by HR helping to create an agile organization that meets the demands of the business, but also one that helps employees and managers become engaged, productive, and focused. At the same time, HR must maintain a development path and training goals, as well as manage overall employee performance. This includes not only the talent you have, but also the talent you target.

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Digital-Ready Organizations Thrive on Change

Becoming a digital-ready organization is not about what technologies companies use, how they build and deliver products and services, or what industry they belong to. Becoming digital-ready is about changing how companies set strategies, build organizations, and manage the workforce.

Any company can become digital-ready. It doesn’t depend on your industry, size, history, or geographic location. It just requires acting differently. Changing the behaviors of people working in an organization can be difficult. But it is not impossible provided people know what to change, understand why it matters, have the resources to do it, and are inspired and confident that they can make it happen. In other words, becoming a digital-ready organization simply requires true leadership.

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itelligence Insights: HR Technology Report

In 2017, itelligence launched the HR Technology Survey to uncover trends and gain insight into what is happening in HR organizations of all sizes across a range of industries.

Download the 2017 HR Technology Report to benchmark your organization against others and gain insights into trends that are driving HR technology.

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Digital Transformation with HR Technology

The Value of Human Capital Management Technology

View this infographic and white paper to review an SAP study conducted with SAP SuccessFactors customers to estimate the likely return on investment from HCM technology.

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HR Transformation and the Digital Journey: How SMBs Can Deliver Strategic HR

Download the e-book to learn how small and medium-sized businesses can deliver strategic HR.

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Moving HR to the Cloud: Planning for a Smooth Transition

Whether you’re ready to move to the cloud now, or want to do it in stages, it’s time to start building your roadmap. View our webinar recording for best practices for moving your HR technology to the cloud.

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GDPR and SuccessFactors: How to Implement Data Protection & Privacy Features

View our webinar recording to learn about the detailed configuration requirements that support GDPR compliance regulations.

SuccessFactors Rapid Deployment Solutions

Rapid Deployment Solutions Overview

Learn about SuccessFactors cloud-based, rapid-deployment solutions that can be implemented on a fixed timeline and budget.

The SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central rapid-deployment solution is the industry’s only core HR solution that provides comprehensive, integrated core HR capabilities.

Adopt best-of-breed goal and performance management processes in the cloud; implement SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals on a fixed timeline and budget.


Adopt best-of-breed goal and performance management processes in the cloud; implement SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals on a fixed timeline and budget.

Streamline and simplify compensation management. Accelerate implementation and time to value using proven best practices.

Gain the benefits and convenience of cloud delivery with the control of managing payroll in-house.

Create a culture of learning that leads to business results. Implement SAP SuccessFactors Learning on a fixed implementation and timeline.

Create a welcoming environment by connecting new hires to the right information at the right time with the SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding rapid-deployment solution.


Address talent gaps and identify the right candidates for key roles with the SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development rapid-deployment solution.

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