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SAP Database Migration Option (DMO) is Magic
Nathan Weaver Senior Director, SAP HANA Engagements


Tools and Resources To Help Migrate to S/4HANA

Fortunately, there are tools and resources available to help with the transition to HANA. With
over 250 HANA customers and 200 Managed Services Experts for SAP HANA certified by SAP,
itelligence has experience with many of the tools in the marketplace.

HANA Migration Using DMO and HANA Cloud

An interview with Bret Applegate, Senior Manager, Managed
Services Customer Engagements – 20 min

HANA Functional Migration and Testing

An interview with Gary Williamson, Director, Managed Services
Engagements, AMS Solutions, – 20 min

SAP S/4HANA Commonly Asked Questions

Blog by Darshan Shah, SVP, Consulting

Depending upon an organization’s transition requirements and skill level, itelligence can help. We can advise, assist, or perform the migration for you. We can perform the installation of SAP S/4HANA for your business, migrate your database (if required) and transfer application-specific data to the new data structure. Furthermore, we can adapt your custom code for the new business suite and support your release management processes.

itelligence provides flexible deployment options for HANA. Due to the changing technology platform and increase in cloud adoption, many customers have chosen to migrate to the itelligence Managed Cloud. This allows them to leverage operating expenses in lieu of capital expenses. Whether your business requires cloud, on-premise or a hybrid model, itelligence has options to meet your needs.


How Do You Get There?

The road to real-time business is easier than you think. We’ve got 4 simple steps that’ll help you evolve to real-time business so you can start realizing the benefits


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