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Decision makers need information at their fingertips to analyze and add value to. The real time exchange of business information between the suppliers and customers enables faster decision making. The itelligence it.Customer Portal is designed to provide B2B customers with a robust customer dashboard. It facilitates fast access to relevant information required by customers to manage their purchases, payables and real time status of their orders. It gives customers a self-service experience with access to information about any sales order.

Designed using Fiori to provide better customer experience, it.Customer Portal is a fully functional HTML5 web portal built on the HANA cloud platform and can be integrated with SAP ERP.


  • Web based B2B customer portal with user login access
  • Designed for Quote to cash status reporting via customer dashboard
  • Create orders from Quote
  • Drill down into different process: sales, delivery, invoice, etc.
  • Accounts Receivable Reporting
  • Customer Master Data Information
  • Excel Download, PDF generation, shipping tracking links


Customer Dashboard App
This is a versatile application which allows customers view all their orders and check the progress. Access to information is made simple. Relevant and time sensitive information can be accessible in real time. You can access information about sales orders and its tracking status. You can view Quotes, Open Orders, shipped orders and invoiced orders along with their outstanding balance to manage payables. Customers can print, view and download orders, deliveries and invoices in pdf form or as an excel spreadsheet.

Additionally the dashboard shows real time analytics like month to date sales by material group, month over month sales, aging analysis etc.

Order Cockpit App
Order cockpit app gives your customers real time status of all their orders. They can see all open orders, shipped orders and invoiced orders. They can track their shipments real time. Print, view and download orders, deliveries and invoices.

Quote Cockpit App
Quote cockpit app gives your customers real time status of all their quotes. They can approve or reject a quote and if satisfied convert the quote into an order. They can have clear visibility on the status of the quote like number of days to expire, etc.

Accounts Receivables App
Accounts receivable app gives your customers real time information on their time bucket wise payables with detailed invoice information.

Customer Master Data App
Customer master data app allows users to maintain their business partner details like ship to party, Bill to party, payer. They can also maintain their contact information using the app.

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