The metal industry is driven by change. You have to stay on top of markets, manage supplier relationships closely, manage risks and meet changing demands. When you work with us, you get an SAP Global Partner for the long term. We can help you streamline your IT, integrate your systems and get more value from data. With an SAP solution designed for your specific area of the metal industry, you can optimise how you work to benefit your customers, inform your decision making and speed up your operations.

Manage risk effectively

If you work with non-ferrous industrial metals your exposure to market risk is significant. To deal with price and stockmarket volatility, you need an IT solution that can help you react at the speed of changing markets. With our solutions, you get complete risk management, commodity management, foreign exchange risk and tolling functionalities all in one solution. This solution can also save you time and money in your metal accounting, by simplifying, standardising and automating your financial processes.

Trade more efficiently

Data is the driving force of metal traders. It’s what keeps you ahead of the market by helping you predict and react to change, such as fluctuating prices and seasonal demand. And when you’re operating with low margins and a high volume of customers, service is everything. With SAP tools, we can help you transform customer service and experience. We can also increase visibility of your operational performance. And if you are importing  metals, SAP Global Trade Service is designed to simplify your processes.

Stronger links in your metal distribution chain

In metal distribution centres, time is money. So the more efficient your customer service and business processes are, the more profitable your operations will be. If you’re operating value-added services, such as cutting-to-size, galvanizing, plus packaging and dispatching, we can help you increase your speed. We have solutions to meet all your challenges, whether you operate in local markets or entire regions. It is also the ideal solution if you make-to-order at high volumes or have complex logistics. We are the SAP experts in long-term industry contracts, optimising scrap and yield management and helping you meet demand with increased agility.

Giving foundries a foundation to grow

For metal foundries and casting, we’ve extended the functionality of the standard SAP solution to meet all your specific challenges. We can help you map the end-to-end production of alloys, including your scrap metal, blending and mixing requirements. Our solution automatically calculates the resources needed to meet your customer orders. And it helps you work with the furnace’s technical restrictions, as well as model and pattern management issues. So whether it is mass production or projects with a long lead-time, you can be more flexible. Our SAP technologies help you plan effectively, improve your simulation capabilities in integrated production planning and deliver jobs which require a lot of finishing with more certainty.

Operate more efficiently

In metal mills and metal fabrication, efficient production relies on optimised planning. For example, with semi-finished products, it’s critical to make sure you always have the right quantities of raw materials to fulfil your order book. This is exactly where our SAP expertise and industry experience can help. We can integrate systems to improve cross-plant planning, planning simulation and campaign management. Combined order and production data helps you meet demand. And makes it easier to deliver production configurations where there are multiple variants.

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